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Creating Value...
through elegant,
bespoke designs.

We specialise in creating elegant, custom-designed websites, built on modern, flexible web frameworks that embody your brand. We’ll work with you to design an online experience your visitors will love.

by combining
creativity + data

Data and metrics is a huge part of Kreval Hawk Digital’s design process. In today’s digital world, data driven design is everything. We hypothesis test and evaluate results and then we iterate accordingly. This helps to eliminate assumptions and validate our findings. Everything that is placed or integrated has a purpose. And that is to service the people we design for by implementing real data to drive decisions.

Delightful Digital

Kreval Hawks designs strikes a fine balance between business goals and user needs. We’ll work with your team to come up with design solutions that meet both objectives, and together we’ll create a user experience that delights both customers and prospects.

UX -User

One thing is to design something beautiful another is designing something that is useful and delightful. Our team works in unison with our clients and their customers to design an elegant, remarkable useful and practical business solutions.

Bringing your brand to life

Will integrate video editing and animation components into projects as another way to engage visitors and increase awareness.

Bringing your brand to life

It's important for us to perfectly communicate our clients' vision through design. Our goal is to convey our clients desired brand perception and personality to its target audience. Making the brand experience and user experience work together to engage and delight the end user.

Why work with Kreval Hawk Digital?

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Every business is different and has its own distinct place in the market. Your website and brand should be no different. Instead,  tailors approach to each client. For us, every new project is as unique and important as the one before , and we work with your team to come up with the best possible solution to meet your needs.

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Google ads

SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google Ads. We have a team of seasoned experts in one of the most popular marketing methods online. Will dedicate all our efforts and expertise to help generate traffic and sales to your newly designed website.

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Web analytics and tracking metrics into your website, so you can keep tabs on its health and performance. Google owned 3rd party analytics integrations will help gather insights into your audience behaviour, traffic acquisition and demographics so you can optimise your site for improved performance.

Content management system


If parts of your website require regular updates (i.e., uploading blog pages and/or adding new programs, projects, or product pages), then Kreval Hawk Digital will integrate a CMS (Content Management System) into your website so you can take full control of your content. You’ll have the ability to add, remove, and edit pages and content to your heart’s content. The interface is easy to use and doesn’t require the editor to have any html knowledge.