The Challenge

The website redesign’s main objective was to restructure the site architecture in a way that not only made sense from a business objective, but also from a potential-client standpoint. We wanted to lift the company's perceived value by applying clean layout, high quality imagery, interactions, and slick, subtle animations.



​​It was important to establish a clear cut vision and streamlined process right from the beginning in order to achieve the website’s goals and objectives.

Discovery – In this stage, we needed to gather as much in-depth information as possible about the business, its overarching objectives, what services they provide and who their typical customers are. So it was important to structure these sessions in a way that allowed Eves & Paul to talk about their brand attributes and the direction the company wanted to go.

Define – Once we fleshed out some important information, the definition stage included organising the website’s structure, in a collaborative environment. We did competitor site audits to figure out what was working for them, and we together mood boards, sketched out wireframes, tested prototypes, and talked with Jeremy to get a better understanding of what he and the team valued. 

Deliver – After very few revisions and minimal changes, we were able to deliver a design that Jeremy loved. The team moved swiftly to developing the website and integrating the CMS (content management system) and Google analytics bringing the design to life.

eves paul strategy


Through research, mapping sessions, rapid wire-framing, and prototyping, the company leaders and I were able to organise the website structure and include important features that allow Eves & Paul to successfully run their business and achieve their vision.