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Founded by visual design specialist Christian Suniula, Kreval Hawk is a web design service based in Auckland, New Zealand. We embrace challenges and leverage the combined experiences of design and technical expertise to create meaningful and compelling websites.

For most businesses today, just having a web presence is not enough. In this saturated space of the world wide web, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Kreval Hawk has a single clear goal: to produce truly outstanding work that helps your business move the needle. Get in touch and let's have a chat.

Christian Suniula

Design Process.

Every business has its own unique challenges and goals, so it’s important for me to understand yours. The initial stages of every project will always begin with a discussion about your website’s overarching objectives.

Wireframe & Prototype:
I will create wireframes as a blueprint of the website, mapping out the basic structure and user journey in the same way an architect maps out a unique and beautiful building’s floor plans. We will focus on space allocation and content prioritisation. Building an interactive prototype in this phase is important in order to verify ideas early, keep key stakeholders on the same page, gather feedback, and iterate quickly and inexpensively.

Kreval Hawk Digital Wireframe

Once the site’s structure is established, we move on to the creative part of the project. This stage is concerned with aesthetics and continuation — creating a delightful user journey. The goal during this stage is to make sure the website/web application’s interface is visually appealing, make your products and services more lovable and beautiful within the confines of the brand, and create an emotional response in the user.

Ui design

Once all creatives and content are approved, we move into the development phase, to bring the ideas and website to life. Taking advantage of the best possible software, technology, and open source code available, we achieve the desired outcome.

Kreval Hawk Digital development

Once development is complete, I make sure everything is in good working order. I will thoroughly test the website to fix bugs and resolve any underlying issues before handing it off to the client.

Christian Suniula