The Challenge

The primary goal of the project was to redesign and restructure the website in a way that made sense from a business perspective. Making it user friendly and easy to navigate for the user. Secondly, is to design the website in a way that it improves the visual branding and perceived value.



It was important to establish a process right from the beginning in order to have a clearcut vision and a streamlined process in order to achieve goals and objectives of the website.

Discovery – This was about gathering as much in-depth information about the business and its overarching objectives. What services they provided, who their typical customers were. So it was important to structuire Through these sessions that KHD were able to talk about the brand attributes as well, and the direction the company wanted to go.

Define – Once we dotted out some important information, the definition stage included organizing the structure of the website with the client in a collaborative environment. Find out what its competitors were and what is working for them (site audit), putting together mood boards, sketching out wireframes, testing prototypes, talking with Jeremy to get a better understanding of what the him and the team valued.

Deliver – After very few revisions with minimal changes. I was able to deliver a design that Jeremy loved and was very happy with.

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From the researching, mapping sessions, rapid wireframing, and prototyping, the company leaders and I were able to organize the structure of the website and include features that were important for Navigator Construction in order to run their business and vision effectively.

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mobile screen

Responsive Design

mobile image responsive
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