The Challenge

To create a clean and simple design that eliminates the user cognitive load and present a seamless digital system
that is delightful, engaging and easy to use.

Design Journey

As an integral component of my design process, I spearheaded research tactics to gain a deeper insight into the user’s journey. Over a two‐week period, I ran several interview sessions with the editor, authors, and general users. Through this qualitative method, I was able to uncover, understand on an emotional level the multiple frustrations and pain points of these users which that later reshaped the majority of my design decisions.

Using data I had collected, I was able to quickly sketch out wireframe and create rapid prototypes to test out early design ideas. Throughout the project, I developed my design ideas through multiple iteration phases and gradually transition into higher fidelity wireframes and prototypes on desktop and mobile on each design cycle. The closing stages of the project included validating the higher risk features to our stakeholders and senior management.

Wireframe & Prototype


The first round of wireframes was drawn to visualise design functionalities, the user flow, and navigation.


The end of November 2017, we began to roll out the new design in time for the release of the latest issue. Thanks to our user-centered approach, the new design quickly received plenty of positive feedback.

Subscription increased substantially by 2900% within a few months of release and growing. The website has also received national and international exposure with the college being offered licensing partnership with EBSCO (a USA-based global research database giant) and DigitalNZ (located in the National Library of New Zealand).

  • Subscription increase by 2900%
  • Pageview increase of 332%
  • National and International exposure
  • Partnership offer with EBSCO (a USA-based global research database giant)
  • Partnership offer with DigitalNZ (National Library of New Zealand)

Featuring a sleek design, He Kupu’s new website was crafted with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind for its more than 7,000 subscribers, as well as new site users.  With improved article accessibility, easy-to-navigate layout, and added functions to enhance users’ experience, the new website is designed to work across a range of devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

- NZTC Media Release