The Challenge

One of the projects challenges was to produce a creative design that excites the targeted audience and potential investors in a meaningful and engaging way. Meaning, communicating ProTag’s point of difference 'continuous 24/hr tracking' of each cattle was something we wanted to get right.

And through strategic phases in our wireframes, and copywriting iterations made through collaborations with the start-up founders and our small team we implemented a hero video right in the beginning to set the tone and the mood for the rest of the site. It was important that the design, interactive section and video not only captures and effectively communicates crucial aspects of the technology but to also visually align with the brand goals. Create something "visually satisfying".

As a home page focused website, the project did not come without its challenges, but through determination and hard work to produce the highest possible outcome for our client was front and centre in what we do. We are very happy with what we achieved and hope you enjoy what you see.


Discovery –
During this phase, we discussed with the founders what they wanted to achieve with the new design. We understood that ProTag was at the time of writing this was in its primitive stage and was conducting R&D, design and manufacturing configuration.So it was challenging creating content for a product that did not yet exist in the market. Baden and Tyrell discussed how important it was for them to communicate their point of difference clearly to their target audience. So Kreval Hawk Digital made sure that was front and centre, from the copywriting, graphics, UI design and video editing.

Process – With the information gathered from the initial meeting, several others after it, a series of wireframes with concepts were floating around as a result. Keeping ProTag's vision, goals and objectives front and centre of the design process. The idea of utilising the hero video to communicate and set the tone for the rest of the site was one of the ideas. Another major component was creating an interactive map section in the middle of the site to help increase user engagement and continue to build on from the hero video and create more understanding of the product and its benefits to the audience.

Deliver – Once the design was built, the focus was moved to making sure the hero video was produced at the high quality. Once that was completed the CMS system on the blog page was conducted and the site was tested before launching and going live.

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Baden Parr
ProTag – CO Founder

Working with Christian at Kreval Hawk Digital is always a pleasure. His commitment to grasping the intricacies of our business and products has consistently impressed us. What sets Christian apart is his remarkable ability to not only create websites but also sculpt brand identities; of which we're immensely proud of ours.

Christian immersed himself in business and product, readily donning the metaphorical and literal gumboots and joining us in the field to get the job done to the highest level of quality. Beyond his deep involvement, he boasts an array of skills including beautiful artwork, captivating animations, polished video editing, and advanced motion graphic design. These skills seamlessly complement his already stunning modern web design and enabled us to craft a website that was compelling and uniquely presented the capabilities of our product.

We can’t wait to start on our next project with Kreval Hawk Digital, it's without a doubt that Christian's ingenuity and dedication will again elevate our ideas beyond expectation.

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Responsive Design

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